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Okay, my current entry started as just DC and Marvel tattoos but the more research I did, I found every Fandom has some people with horrible tattoos. Now We love our comic book characters, video game characters and TV shows but sometimes it just goes wrong. Let's take a look!
Okay this is real! And most people probably heard about this. This man changed his face to look like Red Skull. Now ::clears throat:: the actor has make up and all that jazz to get his look. When he is done he looks like a regular dude. This guy is stuck with this face for life.
Okay Pokémon fans, this gentlemen here clams that is Charmander. I'm telling you now.. That is not him.. It looks like Charmander set himself on fire and thus the result.
Teenage Mutant what! I'm mad you did that to your nose. Dumb ass!
How many times can you screw up Batman and Joker Co.. Trust me plenty
Who like Avatar!? Not that much..
TuPac hates you from the "grave" XD
I like Video Games too but NO! That includes the Lego games too!
The force is strong with this one.. Breed he shall not - gangster Meme Yoda I can't even say it better myself! Go ahead Yoda!
No, you can't get a Redo. Superman does not approve and he would have preferred better craftsmanship.

Okay, I'm starting a new collection called Unsung Heroes, pretty much it's about characters that people might have forgotten about but they are still cool as hell and it's fun taking a trip down memory lane and get a jolt to remember these characters. Anyway, this post like I pointed out before started out as the bowels of DC and Marvel tats but as I went further it just got messy.. So I'm sharing it with all the Vingle community Xoxo Ms Wade Wilson

@LAVONYORK lol the dude that got the whole character roster on he's front side LOL my gosh hahah and the other ones were total fails :/ LOL
I couldn't even finish this
Cringe attack on all of them 😖
@shannonl5 IT'S JUST SO MAGICAL.
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