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Exhausted, I look up at the ceiling. A steady beat in my ears. Guided by a peaceful tune. Swaying, it circles in my head. Coming out as spirals. Filling the ceiling with water. Each note a ripple on the water. Plip. Plop. Plip. Plop. Splash. look around. Curiosity settles in. Putting my head in in dream. Click. Bubbles. The water that once filled the ceiling with water, paralleled to the floor, has taken over. As if sucking me in. Clear. Blue. A feeling of transcendentalism. My worries being swept away by the current. The chair that I sat in, fading into the deep depths of the unknown. The computer, desk and floor, my surroundings completely changed. Sunlight streams down. Warm. Welcoming. Pleasant. Inciting me to the surface. Reaching up to grab hold it. Only to bring myself toward the surface. With each stroke of my arms, another weight pushed down. With every kick, another chance at reaching the balmy surface above. One last kick. One last push. I surface. What awaits is not an island,but a forest dense with trees. Smiling, I pull myself out of the puddle that once claimed my exhausted heart. Stretching. The enigma of the forest drowned all thought of returning obsolete. Walking into the dense foliage, everything of my life began to sink in. Was it the oblique light that shined down from above? Or was it the enigma of the forest that caused them to come without warning? Without a reply, they continued to barrage my mind with memories, thought long since forgotten. Childhood memories. Family members. Old friends and new ones. Times long thrown into the oblivion of time. Yet, they brought about a smile. Places of one time visits. They continued to bombard my mind. Face flushed. Head aching, Eyes going weary from agglomeration. Slipping in a tree root, the water rushed back out of nowhere.Setting me down in my chair. Disappearing back into the ceiling. Looking around in curious confusion, the sound from a nearby bird drew my attention to the window. As little as it was, it too, had the courage to face each day. Noticing my staring, it flew away into the dawn sky.