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Why I'm Insecure: A Tiny Comic
When I stumbled upon this adorably illustrated little web comic, I was really touched by its depiction of insecurity as something we sort of force on each other. It made me feel guilty – or perhaps "convicted" is the better word – for all the times I wasn't loving and kind enough to myself.
I forget that people can hear me when I put myself down. That I'm a role model to those around me – maybe not in the sense of someone they aspire to be like, but rather someone who shows them what is and isn't okay when it comes to how we treat others... and ourselves. As the little parts and pieces that make up society, we all provide that to each other.
So the next time you go to put yourself down, remember... someone might be listening.

Loving ourselves is part of our responsibility to love others.

I leave you with this amazing John Lennon quote:
"We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create."
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Yes I love this!! A lot of my problems in relationships comes down to my own insecurities, so I'm also trying to work on that. for myself and for the people around me!
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@InPlainSight love ya bro 😭😭
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Men this is astonishing.good
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I feel this. feeling insecure is bad but how do you start loving your own imperfections?
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One way you can start, Is by accepting them. and realizing that, Your little imperfections are what make you who you are. and You are amazing. it's not a easy job. but it can be done. and there is nothing wrong with feeling insecure, don't ever let yourself feel like you are wrong for being insecure. it's okay. even people who are confident have their insecurities. and that's okay. but just work with yourself, and whenever you hear yourself say " man I'm ugly" or "God I'm so fat" turn around and tell yourself " No that is not true I'm pretty, I'm fine" and after awhile it will be how you think, or you can try other ways. that's just what helped me. it might not work for everyone. but don't worry, You can do it! Fighting! (I'm sorry this is a super long comment, But I hope I helped in someway)
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