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In my home, it was never just my mom that made meals, worked on the yard, and cleaned the house. My dad, who is an extremely clean military man, was always the one tidying up the house, and cooking dinner.
My father, who was also very picky about cleaning his uniforms would also tend to the laundry. Taking the time to hang my delicate little-girl dresses to dry outside.
So when I saw the version of India's Ariel laundry ad I was totally blown away. I've seen all of these stereotypes depicted in television, movies and even at my friends house, but I never got the concept at my own household.
Truthfully, it's one of the most powerful ads I've ever seen.
Here's the original version:
If you want to see the version with English subtitles, check out the version <<HERE>>
Everyone knows someone in their family-- maybe a mother or an aunt that works a day job, comes home to take care of the kids and then works even more doing household chores.
I applaud those women, but they deserve more than just recognition. They deserve help, love, and for the men in their lives to set an example. Just like my father did for me and my family.
@CelinaGonzalez Wow I didn't see your comment! That's awesome your showed it to your husband. and Definitely!! I think it varies in different cultures for SURE. So sweet right?? @Baekyeol27
Amazing! I was close to cry because my mom always did everything at home and still does. I showed it to my husband, who is Indian, and he really liked it, but he said that the culture in India won't change because of this add. It's so sad :'(
Totally @AlloBaber I really look up to my daddy for a lot of things :)
Awesome!!! First of all, I'm very impressed by your dad @nicolejb. More guys should be like him :) and second of all, this ad is definitely amazing. I watched the english subtitle version – it actually almost moved me to tears. Thanks for sharing :)