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Hello Winchester family, Jensen aka Dean birthay is March 1st! Are you excited!? Yes! Lol. So in honor of Jensen this post is going to be all about our favorite Dean moments in SPN. Remember this show has been on for a long time! So I know we can definitely come up with some good ones to laugh at together. L A Von Winchester
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@laxus I'm cool with it!
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@Laxus I'm caught up! You could always write [SPOILER] before your comment so people know not to read
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[SPOILER] When Sam finds Dean passed out at the bar after drinking all night with the wrestlers!
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and Sam's like let's go, and dean's like right behind you and sits back down, and Sam's like, DEAN! and dean goes UGH, IM COMIING IM COMING!
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@Laxus omg yes I love that bit!@
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