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So I don't post much but I wanted to know if anyone else is going to Sakura Con 2016.
So for those of you who don't know, Sakura Con is an anime convention being held at Washington State Convention Center from March 25-27. This is the current logo for 2016.
This is what I cosplayed as last year. From right to left is me as Mey-Rin, my step dad as Sebastian, and my friend as Ciel.
So this year one of the guests is one of my favorite English voice actors, J. Michael Tatum! The voice of Sebastian and many others.
This year I'll be Noiz from Dramatical Murder but the girl version.
So let me know if any of you will be going to Sakura Con this year. Also, did anyone go last year?
@JessicaFerrier ohhhhhh never thought about that. We'll be there for the cherry blossom festival so probably would forget a laser pointer anyway haha
I wish I could go but I'll be in DC for spring break then
@gabbycalzada it's illegal to have them. Think about it, home of the president, past assassinations, lasers on guns
@gabbycalzada well I hope you have fun. Just a word of advice, don't bring laser pointers
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