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Im in need of advice I'm in the hardest situation of my life i like this girl named Natalia Leon but I don't talk to her or even know her that well besides her name and I've liked her since this second semester and I'm in highschool but I'm so nervous to talk to her because I don't know if I could work things out with us she's about 5'1 or 5'0 and I'm 5'4 I have one class with her and that's p.e I also see her at passing period for 3rd period and I also like my friend Haley that I've known since middle school but I don't know how to tell her I flirt with her a bit and she does too she also does this thing I sit behind her in my only class with her but I have lunch with her too and in class she will turn around and just look into my eyes and smile then look away I don't know if she's admiring me or what when she gets papers to give to me she will pull them away and then keep doing this to tease me for fun Haley's also 5'3 but yeah this is the situation I'm in also the girl that I like Natalia she also stares at me sometimes and will look away fast when she notices I'm looking at her too what do I do! Please help because I like both of them equally this is a hard decision
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Ahhh that's totally a hard decision!! Well first of all I don't really think height should matter so much for this decision lol. I mean I'd say just try to become friends with them. The more you get to know each of them, the more you'll know if you're actually into them or if its just a little crush. Girls aren't exactly interchangeable lol, they both have very different personalities so I think if you befriend them you'll learn who you like more :)
thanks this is really going to help
Good luck鉁岎煆硷笍 stay outa trouble, nice talking to ya, oh and remember, the beauty of the heart surpasses the physical attraction. Make good/smart choices
okay that sounds good
Remember, it's just friends, start small
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