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"_____, where are you going" ___'s mother asks raising an eyebrow at her daughter who was holding a bag full of goodies and snacks."um...YeonHee's house?" She says quietly, wondering if her mother would be upset. "Oh that's nice....but whats with the snacks?" She asks not understanding."cuz its a girls night mom! and we plan on talking the night away...speaking of which i was wondering where you-" "The pocky is in the cabinet above the sink" her mother replies looking down at her book, _____ smiles gleefully running into the kitchen and grabbing the pocky. "Bye mom!!" She says running out of the door. ~with exo~ "Uhh...what are you guys doing?" Suho questions. Sehun, Baekhyun, Kai, Chanyeol and D.O stood by the window , looking outside on to the sidewalk, as if anticipating for something to happen, heck they had a bowl of popcorn in hand already! "Oh we wanted to see the beautiful wea-" "were waiting for _____ to walk by" Baekhyun interrupts Chanyeol stupid attempt to cover things up. He flushes red due to benig caught. "Really guys?" Suho says raising an eyebrow but also joining them in the process. "How long have you guys have been waiting?" Suho asks, getting comfortable beside D.O. Who simply smiles at him shyly for being involved in this "Around 20 mi-" "look!!" Kai points out interrupting Sehun. ____ was walking admiring the houses holding a bag filled with goods. Her large jacket was way to big for her making her waddle in a way, she looked like a cute penguin making the guys stare at her in awe. "She looks so cute like that" Sehun mutters not wanting the members to hear, all of the members sent glares his way making him gulp in fear. Just then YeonHee's brothers bumps into her sending the bags to the ground. _____ quickly got up bowimg as YeonHee's brother did the same, _____looked up her eyes widening, she immediately pulled him in for a hug as he blushes hugging her back as realization sets in. When they let go, they exchange a few words. Sehun couldnt help but frown, he didn't know what bothered him more? The fact she was talking to HIS friend or the fact his friend was talking to HER? Before going their separate ways YeonHee's brother picks up the back bowing apologetically, _____ smiles and makes him stand up straight, she leans in and pecks his cheeks in a firendly way before walking to their house leaving him in a daze. He reaches up and touches the cheek where she had kissed him. At this point Sehun was 100% sure what bothered him was the fact he had talked to HER. "Isn't that your fried?" D.O asks through clenched teeth. "Yea..." Sehun replies sadly. ~girls night~ "Knock knock" _____ says from the other side of YeonHee's door. She opens it to ______. "Ya know you can actually knock instead of saying it" she says chuckling pulling her inside the room. "Wheres the fun of that then??" She questions dumping all the snacks on the bed as she takes a seat making herself comfortable, she admired the room for it was similar to when they were kids. "I really miss this ____" YeonHee says smiling warmly at her friend. "Me too...so tell me about whats been happening during the time i left!" She urges grabbing a pillow, she starts chewing on pocky. "So, middle school went by pretty quickly with the occasional bullying cuz of ya know what! Then high school rolled around which wasn't as bad as i pictured it would be actually....anyway there was this guy...." _____ smirks at the blush making an apperence on her cheeks. "H-His name is (his name) and i had a major crush on him for a while!! At the last day of school i decided to finally confess but once he approached me i was at a loss of words and i couldn't talk and i was...ugh it was awful! I blew it off!" _____ giggles at her friends state. "Then after a graduated i tried looking for jobs but that didn't work out which is why i still live with my mom, and then those rich guys moved in and i bacame there maid..." She says sighing. She decided to leave out the fact Chanyeol was another big part of her life. "I get their rich but why do you have posters of them?" ____ asking seeing the posters for the first time, before she can come across the name 'exo' YeonHee pulls her face to face hers, swishing it. "Are interested in the posters or me?!?" She asks sweat dropping. "You pf cpurse!" She says her lips being squished. YeonHee nods and lets go, ____ runs her temples of the pain she had caused "So guess what!! Me and (his name) are going out now!!" She says happily. "Omg really!! Thats amazing!' Im so happy for youuu!!" ____ gushes hughing her. "Hehe thanks....now tell me about you!" She aays munching away happily on the snacks. "Well, after i had moved back to America, i missed you alot! Middle school was a bore but other then that it was good. High school was pretty good too, after i graduated i tries a lot of internships and discovered my love for music!! But not in the American industry though... after i realized i really want to prusue my dream i decided to move back here!" She says. "No boys?" YeonHee asks suppried. "Actually...there was this one guy...i met him for a day in the play ground, it was the day we came back from Korea and i was crying my eyes out missing you, he was at the play ground and he comforted me...it was love at first sight...but i never saw him after that day" she says sadly. "Whats his name?" "Mark! He was soo sweet! He was half korean too!" _____ says remembering the cute sweet boy she met. The day he comforted her he sad his beautiful smile which made her flustered. It was the first time she truly blushed for a guy. Her smile faded as she came to realization that love only lasted a day, seeing this YeonHee decided to change the topic. "But how did you get into kpop?" "Oh, it was my Korean friend who introduced me into it when i told her about my dream to become a singer possibly in Korea!" YeonHee nods watching her friend realizing how mature she had grown to be. "Wait!! More importantly who are you biases!!?" She asks gabbing her hands praying o the Kpop gods they didn't share any of them. "For BTS, its defiantly Jin, BigBang it would be G Dragon" she says, YeonHee sighs in relief, luckily she didn't share the same biases with her best friend. "Oh, are those the only bands you know of?" She asks, raising an eyebrow, kind of disappointed . 'Ugh, i wish i could tell her about Exo! She is missing out!'. "Yea, don't give me that face!! give me a break im a beginner" she says punching her on the shoulder. ~back to exo~ "So? What do you see?" D.O asks Chanyeol who had control over the one binocular they had as he watched the girls. "It seems like there talking...wait there moving now...and now they are sitting and they are...cuddling?" Chanyeol says not believing his eyes. Sehun grabs it and looks not believing a word Chanyeol said , he coughed "what?! What?" He asks peering closely. The guys begin to trun red at the thought of that. "Lemme see!!" Kai says snatching it looking in letting out a sigh of relief, "their watching a movie idoits! And they aren't cuddling, there just sitting close together!!" He grumbles. Baekhyun sighs in relief, "ya perverts!" He scolds as the band members give him a 'you were thinking that too' look. " guys! thats enough peeping for today, lets go do something." Suho says, closing the curtains. "How about we watch a movei as well?" "Sounds good" "i vote Horror" ____________________________________ Woah this was a long chapter, hope you enjoyed! Tags: @tiffany1922
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