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I guess B.A.P is making up for lost time and is dropping albums like it's going out of style! This came out about a week ago but I just saw it and nearly died!

Because here they are slaying us again with a few new songs and a music video, I don't care what language they're in because I'm sure they'll kick ass!

But seriously though. Can you guys let us breathe for a minute before you suffocate us by constantly taking our breath away?

Well...I can't say I'm mad, I missed you guys so much that I'll just have to invest in an oxygen tank for now

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@lizochoa yes haha and Yongguk has a deeeeeeep voice. My toughest ones were probably Daehyun and Youngjae's singing voices off videos and just on tracks. Jong up throws me off too because he never has many parts so it's like he just snuck into the sound booth and recorded a line or two before getting caught XD as I've seen it best described he's not a singer with few lines, he's a dancer with several lines. I think on wiki he was labeled as just a dancer for a long time. not sure if they changed it or not. I always find it hilarious once I figure them out and realize none of them look remotely the same XD every group, every time haha
ME TOO Daehyun and Youngjae ALWAYS got me confused like I keep switching them around but then I remember the whole Daehyun plus Baekhyun equal V so I looked for the features they had but I still got confused who was who
@lizochoa Honestly, Daehyun’s lips made it easiest to remember his face, Jongup's eyes and nose made it easy, and Youngjae has a major baby face with cute cheeks (my ultimate, ultimate bias.) he's also really lean in comparison to everyone else's buff bods haha XD his voice is softer and more raspy in comparison to Daehyun’s super powerful notes. But Youngjae can belt them out too, just not as often
@lizochoa can you tell they're my favorite group XD
Oh I can tell😉😂😂