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The year is 2026, A Young 18 year old Militia Marine Captain by the name Zakku Jēmezu is patrolling and searching for survivors of the 39th District Where a village was laid to waste by a Stage 3 Falcon Gastrea (A Beast the size of a City bus). Zakku's scanners indicate and lock a small lifeforce and one Giant one. It is a little girl around the age of 5 buried in rubble, she's unconscious. Zakku's scanners lock on to a large Bull looking Gastrea, Zakku grabs his rifle and leaps into action!! Zakku Empties a clip of Varanium bullets into the beast, they inflict barely any damage! The Bull's attention is now locked on Zakku and starts charging Head-on directly at Him.
(Put this Music in the Background for the Battle) Zakku Evades the oncoming attack and calls out. " You must be a Stage 2 Bull Gastrea", the Bull circles around charging at Zakku again. Zakku flashes a conceited smile and Yells out, " Come on I can take you on with one hand tied behind my back!", The Bull Charges in and Zakku leaps into the air and connects with a spinning roundhouse kick on the Jaw of the beast, sending it flying into a into a small business building! Zakku begins to taunt the beast, "Is that all you got, I've seen and fought far worse beast like you when I was 11!" What Zakku doesn't realize is that there is a Second Bull and it's Charging at him to his right. Zakku drops his guard and is sent flying into a nearby Minivan. Zakku is now wondering what the hell hit him out of nowhere, he fixes his eyes on the second Bull. "Dammit I didn't see that one at all! Zakku looks down at his Right side, notices He's bleeding, and gets up smiling. His Smile grows wider with Bloodlust, " Two Bulls huh? No problem I've survived in far worse conditions in this lifetime . A distant memory of a 5 year old Zakku missing his right arm and both legs being rescued from a Gastrea attack by a Lieutenant plays in the back of his mind. The Two Bulls begin to Charge Head on with one in front of the other. Zakku is groggy but still has alot of fight left in him. As the First Bull Charges in Zakku counters by grabbing the horns and throwing it through a building, but the Second Bull Spears him, sending him flying face first into a small house, burying him under a pile of rubble. Buried under the rubble Zakku's mind is racing with excitement, " It's been a while since I've fought like this. I have to go all out and protect that little girl!! I have no choice but to use My Trump Card. Zakku's Right eye begins to Glow and the rubble is blown away! Out of the smoke and dust Zakku appears, a red eye glows, Red Varanium Legs and Red Varanium right arm are glowing, Zaku calls out, " No way am I gonna go down that easily, this time I'm comin at you with FULL FORCE!! System Command UNLEASH BERSERKER MODE!!! Zaku wipes the blood from his Mouth, Smiles and walks towards the already charging Bulls.
Zakku Stands tall and stops two Bulls with Both hands with a crazed look in his eyes. " Looks like I won!", Zakku sends both Bulls sailing high with two Lightning fast uppercuts Zakku Leaps into the air and connects with a wickedly strong Axe kick sending the first Bull hurdling towards the ground and then grabs the second Bull by its horns and throws it down on top of the other Bull. Zakku is now corkscrewing at Max speed with his Bionic Arm poised for the Kill!! ROKURO KABUTOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! A huge explosion occurs soon after. Zakku's battle is over and then he remembers the little girl. Zakku scans for her and finds her unharmed and still unconscious, He looks at her. * Looks like I went a little overboard, but it looks like your ok, Kiddo. Zakku puts the little girl on his back and sets off for the Hospital and as soon as they make it too the entrance Zakku passes out from a large amount of Blood loss. He is taken into the ICU Operating room. The little girl is taken to the another part of the medical Bay where she wakes up after she's been treated.
Zakku is still in the Operating room being treated for Internal injuries. A Female nurse is speaking with the Lead surgeon Dr. Kyoko Murusame where the nurse asks, " What are his results?", Dr. Murusame replies, " His ribs were shattered after his last attack and his lungs collapsed a short time after he appeared. The Nurse asks, " How are his vitals?", Dr. Murusame replies, " His Vitals are now stable somehow after the first operation and his body looked as though it was putting itself back together again, I was amazed by what I saw when I cut him open that I gathered up the other surgeons to watch this amazing feat. They believed it to be a miracle. He's a special kid." Meanwhile in a dark corner of the room a ceiling tile is removed and a head pops out, It's a young Ninja Shaman named Levi Kazama Age 17. " I have to report what I found to the others." Levi Smiles and says, " A Magic King has appeared." Levi Vanishes From the room.
The little girl meanwhile is being treated for minor injuries when she wakes up frightened. " Where am I? Where is this? How did I get here?", Dr. Murusame walks into the room and asks, " And how are we doing Little One?", She doesn't answer because she's nervous. Dr. Murusame smiles and asks, "Do you have a name?", She doesn't answer. " Where are your parents?", Dr. Murusame asks, The little girl starts to cry. Dr. Murusame walks over to her and begins to comfort her and she asks again, " What is your name Little One?", The little girl says sobbing, " Ai-Aihara Enju! My Mommy, My Daddy, They're both gone!!! Enju starts crying and hugs Dr. Murusame, Doc hugs her tight and says, " Well Little One there's someone who I want you to meet. He's the one responsible for bringing you here." Enju begins to wipe her tears away from her eyes and asks, "Who is it?", Dr. Murusame smiles holding out her hand and replies with a smile, " A very strong young soldier." Enju grabs Dr. Murusame's hand and they both exit the room.
Zakku is still hooked up to a breathing tube in the ICU, His condition is stable. Dr. Murusame and Enju both walk into the room. Dr. Murusame says, His vitals are stable but he is under a heavy dose of drugs to keep him asleep as his body repairs itself. Enju looks at all the equipment that is hooked up to Him. Dr. Murusame walks to Zakku alongside Enju, " He is a Captain in the Militia Marine and he's 18 years old. He was a year younger than you when he lost his family from a Gastrea attack. He lost his Right Arm, Half of his Right leg, His entire Left Leg and he lost his Right eye fighting off a Stage 1 Gastrea. He was saved by a Commanding officer of the Militia and he was brought here to me for immediate medical treatment. Enju reaches out and touches his left hand and Zakku's hand unconsciously holds it. Dr. Murusame goes on, "He put his life on the line to save you from Two Stage 2 Bull Gastrea." Enju's eyes widen, "He did? Wow He must be super strong!" Dr. Murusame smiles and taps her on the shoulder and says, " You can talk to him as soon as he is up and about." Little Enju looks at Zakku and smiles, "Okay! Thank you Mister for saving me." Dr. Murusame and Enju both exit the room. A few hours pass, Zakku is still in ICU when three figures Appear. One figure speaks out, "Are you sure he is a Magic King Candidate, Levi-san?" Levi Replies, " Of course, don't you feel his Magic energy within Him, Lilith-Sensei?" Another Shadow chimes in, Oooo My My My He's a very handsome Magic King Candidate, this could be very fun. Levi replies, "Of course, I'm Expecting it to be fun with him as a Magic King!" A High-strung Lilith replies, " D-Don't get any crazy ideas yet, He still needs to be protected right now, not to mention he doesn't know about Magic or Breakdown Phenomenons, you two!" Liese replies, "Awwww You're such a Party-pooper Lilith-Sensei!" All three girls Vanish from the room. The Next Day Zakku is now wondering around when Dr. Murusame and Enju both walk into the room. Zakku smiles Cheerfully, "Hey Dr. Murusame long time no see!" Zakku looks down at Enju and asks Dr. Murusame, "Is that?", Dr. Murusame replies, "Yep, This is the girl you saved a few days ago." Zakku Looks down at Enju and holds out his hand smiling," I'm Jēmezu Zakku, the one who saved you." Enju has a nervous look on her face and hides behind Dr. Murusame. Dr. Murusame pats Enju's head, " Don't worry He's like a big Teddy bear off duty." Zaku smiles and laughs, "I don't bite, What's your name Kiddo?" Enju pokes her head out with tears in her eyes and says, "Aihara Enju!" Enju begins to cry and jumps into Zakku's arms, Zakku winces in pain. Whoa easy now... I'm still recovering.... Ahh what the heck. Despite the pain Zakku smiles and hugs little Enju, " I'm Glad you're safe Kiddo!"
Wiping a tear away Dr. Murusame tells Zakku, "She lost her parents in the Gastrea attack, Same as you back when you were her age." Zakku replies, "Oh you told her the story about how you and the Militia saved my life, huh?" Dr. Murusame replies, " Well seeing that her situation and your situation were almost identical despite the fact you lost your legs, right arm and eye and she didn't, I feel like you should take responsibility for her care. Zakku and Enju both have a clueless look on their faces, " I'm not sure what you're talking about, Doc!" Dr. Murusame replies, " She's an orphan now and she has nowhere else to go and live and she can be very useful to you in the future Zakku looks at Enju, Dr. Murusame continues on, " Enju is a model Rabbit Initiator, a Cursed Child, and most people wouldn't want to take her in out of fear of being shunned from their own family." Zakku and Enju look at each other then back at Dr. Murusame and replies, " "You want me to adopt her?" Enju looks at Dr. Murusame and asks, "What does adopt mean?" Dr. Murusame replies to Enju, "Adoption means basically to take in a child who lost their original parents and they become that person's son or daughter." Enju is now Starry-eyed, "Really, He can adopt me?" Zakku looks at Dr. Murusame and asks, "Are you sure I'm qualified!?!" Dr. Murusame replies, "After watching your fight with the two Bulls, I noticed in your eyes that you have a strong will to protect anyone you come across, So yea you're that qualified!" Zakku nods his head and looks at Enju, " I understand and I believe I'll do it! What do you say Enju-chan? Want to become my Daughter?" After hearing this Enju's eyes widen and she smiles, " Yes Papa Yes yes yes!" Zakku's Smiles and laughs, "Looks like I have something precious I have to protect now!" Enju is jumping up and down and running around Dr. Murusame excitedly, "I have a Papa again!" Dr. Murusame replies, "Yes you do, Now we have to get the paperwork to make it official!" Zakku and Enju both say in Unison and Fist Bump, "RIGHT ON!!" After being Discharged from the Hospital Zakku with his new Daughter Enju riding piggyback leave the compound and head for... HOME!
Hope you Enjoyed the First Chapter of the Bionic Magic King! I put quite alot of effort into this story and I'm hoping it leaves you guys wanting more! Until then Guys!! Ja Matta Ne
Same here I'm not a big fan when I see ecchi loli pics on here it makes me feel rather filthy lol You can't Unsee it after you see it lol @SAMURXAI
@littlemaryk yea me to
I'll do my best lol @littlemaryk
ho? I wanna see your vision! when you get it where you are comfortable me wants to see. @BlackoutZJ I'm curious!
Yess that would be cool! You should try and practice! there are plenty of books and internet that can teach you how to draw general anime drawing to get the body and features down. Then you would just have to come up with your own style @BlackoutZJ Then you could make Mangas for a living haha ;)
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