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I have a question for everyone that watches this amazing show!!
As most of ya have seen, Satoru right now is trying to save Hinazuki from a killer! Some changes he has done has changed the future slightly! So ive been wondering about something which brings me to my question!
What is going to happen in the future where he is an adult after he saves hinazuki?? I mean if he does, What will his relationship be or changed to with hinazuki/Airi/Jun and the rest?? I want everyones honest opinions!! :-)
Also are you Team Hinazuki.x.Satoru or Team Airi.x.Satoru??
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@sledgehammer333 haha thank god you aint going to spoil it
@Gabri3l. i couldn't do that for anyone. with the recent two chapters that I read it was really not expecting it....
@sledgehammer333 I wanna know cause I love spoilers! I feel like I'm going to end up reading the manga too because I can't wait a week to watch the next episode 😵
@vmilla1 Go for it! It's a great read so far.
😩it's too early for shipping😩😩😩