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The next day It's the day of Top's big addition for YG and Top is feeling nervous. "God I'm so nervous I really hope they like me because I would love to be able to work with G-dragon, Top thought to himself." "Hey Top are you ready for your addition? G Dragon asked." "Huh? Oh yeah I'm ready sorry I'm just trying to find my confidence because I.., Top said before G Dragon interrupted him." "Dude sorry not be rude and just stop you in mid sentence but you will go great. I watched you kill the mic the other night you'll be fine, G Dragon said." "I hope so, Top said" A few minutes later "Mr. Top are you ready to show me what you got? YG asked." "Yes sir! Top said" Top stood in front of YG and G-dragon and began to start rapping a song he just made up on the stop Top flawlessly kills his rap "That's good thanks but to Be honest I'm not sure if you're the right guy for this group sorry, YG told Top." "Oh okay well thanks for giving me a chance sir maybe I'll try again next time" said Top " Yes maybe next time have a good day Mr. Top Top is about to leave the room until G Dragon stops him "Hey hold on don't leave just yet!" "What why I obviously wasn't good enough I need to go home And get ready for tonight's show sorry man" top says before he finally leaves. G-Dragon then starts to get furious at YG. "WHAT THE FUCK! Why the hell did you let him go he was amazing I can't believe you didn't let him...." YG stop G-dragon from saying anything else. "He was good but he wasn't in shape and that won't look good on big bangs Image you guys have a reputation and I want you to Keep it!" Says YG G-dragon became more outraged "WOW! What the fuck? Really? I'm kinda speechless right now I can't honesty believe you're letting a great rapper go because of his weight!!! " GD said furiously. Well how about this, if he loses weight and come back and does a even better job I'll add him to Big Bang does that sound like a deal? That's fine I'll make sure he's back here and on our team and he won't ever leave! G-dragon says with confidence in his voice. Later that same day ring ring ring come on pick up ring ring ring Hello? Top said as he answered his phone. Hey I got some good news for you I wanna talk you about something so how me and you talk about over some drinks tonight what do you say? GD asked "Dude I gotta perform tonight don't you remember me telling you this?"Top said with slight irritation. "Hey punk I got really good news fuck your performance tonight. And come with me damn it! "G-Dragon said in an angry voice. "Okay fine I'll meet you at one the bars tonight and we talk about whatever is you wanna talk about"Top said. "Great I will pick you up at your place around 8:00 okay bye!"G Dragon said excitedly G-dragon hangs up the phone "Wait ugh.... Wait what did he just say he's gonna pick me up at 8:00? Shit I gotta make myself look nice" Top says in excitement It's 7:30 G-dragon is on his way but suddenly gets in a big car wreck and his car flipped over and landed on his side GD is knocked out cold "Someone call an ambulance I think this guy is hurt pretty bad!" Says a pedestrian. It's 9:00 "Where the fuck is he at he said he would be here ugh I hate when guys" Before top could saying else he gets a call "hello?" Says top. It's G-Dragon on the line sounding very tired and in pain. "Hey sorry I didn't come to your house I'm in the hospital right now I got in a wreck kinda banged up but I'll be okay. Do you think you can come get me?" "Oh damn I'm so sorry to hear that yeah I'll be there what's the address?" G-dragon gives Top the address to the hospital. A few Moments later Top arrives at the hospital and GD is standing outside waiting for him GD opens the door. "Are you okay?" Says Top. "Yeah I'm fine I can't drink though so let's just go back to my place okay?" They arrive at GD's house GD sits down on the couch. "Ah that feels nice" says G-Dragon while laughing a little. "Hey come here sit with me lets talk about what I told on the phone" "okay" Top says to GD. They start talking about the addition and right when GD was about to tell Top about losing weight to make the team he fakes passing out "Shit I hopes he's okay"Top says sounding worried about his new friend. "Mmm he's even more cute a sleep" Top starts to think to himself. "God I just want to kiss him on his perfect lips" he continues thinking this while leaning over GD. "I'm just gonna give him a small peck on the lips he won't even notice it since he's knocked out" Top slowly press his lips against GD lips and then quickly pulls way "Fuck I can't believe I just did that" Top say feeling some what guilty Top gets up to get some water and A few seconds after that GD gets up. "How did my lips taste?" He says with a smirk. Top Instantly drops his cup of water in shock "Uh what.... what are you talking about? I thought you passed out!?" Top says this to G-dragon in confusion. "Oh was I now?"G-dragon says with a smirk on his face. Top then runs over to G-dragon. "You son a bitch! You..." GD pulls Top close to him and starts kissing him before he can finish the sentence and then he walks away leaving Tops member hard and him dazed. "I'm going to bed you coming with me?" Says GD with a sexy smile. "No sorry I really need to go home and uhh" Top couldn't finish his sentence he was so embarrassed he could feel himself blushing. "Okay your loss buddy hope you have a good night beautiful" Top left still confused "I can't believe he called me beautiful" he thought to himself and then he couldn't stop smiling. What will happens after this? Will Top make into Big Bang? What will Top and G-dragon's relationship come to? Well you'll just have to stay keep on reading to find out(:
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I died when GD asked about how his lips taste. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ your doing good. I like it. πŸ’– Parenthesis are doing good. just a little practice sweety. EX: "I miss you" GD said. Only use when the character is talking. But I like the story so far. Keep going. Don't stop. You got this 😍😘😘
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