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I'm not sure but apparently all this year is gonna be only filler
I've always been irritated with Nature fillers, bit this one is just crazy. I thought for sure that with the end of the Jaraya novel, we would get back to the store, but Ofc that's not gonna happen because the next filler is about Itachi. which pisses me off because there is no-one to dream about him! His whole clan is dead, he's dead, and Sasuke isn't even trapped. Maybe they are trying to hype up the Itachi spin-off that coming out next season, but Jesus fucking Christ give us a little something. And yes I have read the manga, but I watch it with my kids and husband, and the are just as irritated.
in march
glad somebody said something about it .. lol the fillers are getting super irritating. I got impatient and read the manga.. I just couldn't believe that when the dreams were explained in the manga it took up only two pages and that was it lol....
fillers end march 3rd