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Okay kiddies, we know Wolverine and Deadpool are not friends. Deadpool has 4 friends, Me, Cable, Bob and all his damn personalities. Which should actually count more than once. But we still love Wade for being that ass you can laugh at and he is cool with it to the point he mocks himself. He is not a well rounded character, he is a shape that can't even be described but hell that makes him even more interesting!
On of my favorites. Do not know why Deadpool had a pink bandaid on him. However he was trying to be a good friend and annoying too. Wolverine, I love you but Wade has the better healing factor in that challange. You might have trained in Japan but Wade is a former Spec OP Specialist with too many confirmed kills to count.
When you don't have claws, you use the silverware in you house. Sounds like a win win!
I feel the magic in the air. Look at that chemistry.
Deadpool crying over a moving speech about Wolverine. Deadpool was actually called family with the other heroes there at the time. Awww Wade.. That's adorable, you even took off your mask for that.
This is a gem! To the point you have people second guessing about being the next Wolverine! I hope you guys can zoom in and read this one. This is from Wolverine goes to Hell. I myself might need to give it another read!
lol that last one hahah I'm like damn he told him the truth Hahahah XD
Damn. Blasting my boy Wolverine on that last scan, lmao. And Deadpool always comes prepared, no question he always has a stash of Hello Kitty bandaids on him at all times.
@shannonl5 and a emergency chimichanga
ok but Deadpool has so many pockets of course he's got band-aids. Probably stickers and lolipops too XD
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