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For a team that went to the Western Conference Finals a year ago, the Rockets have had a huge fall from grace this year.
The season has been underwhelming to say the least. Early in the year, the team fired beloved coach Kevin Mchale. While many expected his dismissal to jump start the team, Houston has still played average basketball all year. Many expected the Rockets to break the entire unit up at the break, but they stood pat.
From the looks of it, Dwight Howard will finish the year in Houston and opt out this off-season. Based on his performance, will he be missed by the team?
The 30-year-old Howard is earning $22.3 million this season in the third year of the four-year, $88 million contract he signed with the Rockets in 2013.
He has also fired his agent, Dan Fegan of Relativity Sports, and has presented the paperwork necessary to the union.
Howard may be on the back end of his prime, but his skill set at big man give him a lot of value on the market. Teams that already have a solid unit but need a rim protector may pay a lot of money for his services. He also seems under utilized on offense this year in Houston. We know the next team he signs to he will demand to be a focal point of the offense down low.

Are The Rockets Better Off Without Dwight Howard?

If they do trade him, the big question won't be what team he ends up with, but which unlucky coach gets to be his next victim
For sure....I never really liked him.
go play with LeBron next year