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I know she lacks with the kissing but she is an amazing actress otherwise. Plus she is really kind in real life.
Tv Shows... I've watched about 85% of these...
Movies... yes that last one has me going hmmm..
it really was her singing in You're Beautiful and Heartstrings
One of my favorite actresses! Beautiful and talented plus the only girl I ship with Lee Jong Suk😂 Really liked You're beautiful and Pinocchio
Yay for Park Shin-Hye! I've seen the first 5 dramas on the list of dramas she's been in and loved them all in their own ways especially Pinocchio which is my favorite drama. She did such an amazing job in it and had great chemistry with Lee Jong Suk. I didn't know she was in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and I just started watching it... only on episode 5.
Great choice! I love Park Shin Hye! She's the best! wow, I don't think I've seen 85% of everything she's been in... more like 65%-70%. Need to catch up.