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When I arrived to school everyone started to look at me. Girls were whispering tsk. Then a guy appeared in my face " Are you Jungkook "He said " Yeah, who are you? " I said " Oohhh you look good for her " he said " Eh" i said " Nice to meet you. I'm Joo-hyuk " he smirked and reached out his hand I took his hand " Yeah, me too.......Um by any chance are you Jong s....." he cut me off " Don't mention his name here ok!!" He whispered " Why" " Just listen to what I say.....Gash you speak a lot" he gave me a disgusted look "Excuse me?" I frowned "Why? you don't like what I said" he said "Look.....*I got closer to him* I'm not Going to deal with a shit like you if you're like that Ha?........I made a promise with you're guy, and plz let me finish it peacefully......" i said He clapped his hands " Where did that confident came from......Ya I'm part of this plan and if you don't want to do what I say, Simple just give up" "Who are you to tell me what to do" I laughed "Just give up I don't think you'll handle a spider crawling up your arms.........So go before you put yourself in a place where you don't belong" Hahahah that guy trust his manners pretty much. I decided to walk away I don't want to deal with his bullshit I need to find Sun Mi-Bya. I ignored him but he held me and pushed me to the wall holding my collar " Ya.....No f***in one in this world ignores me, while you come bitchin around and now ignoring me..........Haha that's not happening" I just stared at him " YAAAAAA DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAID" He shouted I laughed shrugging his hands roughly, " You better know who are you dealing with" Then I went inside. He turned me around throwing a punch on my face. I couldn’t block it because he was fast. My nose started to bleed, then I got up quickly and threw a punch back, but he blocked me " Well i think you better know who you're dealing with" he said laughing. I kicked him then i got on top of him leaving punches all over his ugly face, until a teacher pulled me away hugging me tight. I pushed him away but he held me even tighter "You f***in bastard I warned you but it seems like you like it that way" i was so angry at that idiot is he supposed to help me get that girl or is the whole thing supposed to be like that. The teacher pulled me inside the office. He pushed to sit down, "Ya what's wrong with you two? who are you i never saw you here" I looked at him aggressively "Ooohhhh please don't tell me you're the new transfer?" I didn't answer him "Answer me, don't worry I won't be tough" he softly said "Yes I am the new transfer" i said nervously "Aiigoooo...........Why why did you have to do that why ,you just came here and you got into a fight!! What happened?" "He started it" i shortly said " Then........" he was so close to me " Then what! I said he started it, he said bullshit about me. I ignored him then he suddenly started to punish me." i almost shouted " That's what happened? HAPPY" " Yah have manners for your teacher Arrasso? Let's go to the clinic I don't want the principal to see you like that In your first day.........Ughhh why does it have to be me why!!!" He whined "Eh" i said, I couldn't hear him he was whispering "Whaa....." he said " did you say something" i said " Anni" he said I just shaked my head. He's stupid, I crossed my legs putting them on the desk. then he pushed me down "Ya this is a desk......A DESK.....wait no IT'S A TEACHER'S DESK OK!! Never put your dirty feet on my pure desk and let's go to the clinic to fix your pretty face" he started to wipe the desk. He's weird " I don't need the clinic. The wounds will heal by itself" i said " Are you crazy!!! if the principal sees you like that he'll kill me. Do you want me to lose my job that much. Gash......KA" Omg he startled me "KAAAAA" he shouted " I don't know how to go there" i said " Ah yeah let me show you. You go to that door open it, get out of it, Then guess what you'll be there" I did what he said but I found a hallway. I turned back but the door was locked. Whaaa why did he locked the door, I knocked on it " Ya open the door why did you lock it" i said " I don't know you no.............. you never saw me ok. Aigo you're going to ruin my life here.........Go away don't even stand there ok......Go fade away" he said "Seonsaeng please open the door. I don't know anything about the school" i kept knocking " Ha you still here.........I SAID GO AWAY" he said " Seonsaeng please please help me" i said. unexpectedly he opened the door holding a wooden stick " Ya I told you to stay away right" he said " Seonsaeng w...wh..what are you doing" i said, then he hit the ground with that stick it made a loud sound SsSsSsssss. I ran away while he was chasing me. I was running my life out, then out of nowhere a girl popped in my face and I couldn't stop running so I crashed into her. I was on top of her. It was the same girl that hit me with the bicycle "it's you" I said. I looked at her she was pretty, her eyes were honey brown......What what am i saying. she pushed me away, she was about to stand up but she fell again. Omo her head was bleeding. I supported her to the clinic. We got treated and she's sleeping, so I decided to sleep too. I woke up feeling someone touching my was her " It's ok" i said, but she got scared and she backed off " Don't worry it didn't hurt I'm fine" i smiled at her, then it was a long awkward silence " Um why don't you speak? are you mute or something" i told her, she got up and started to walk away but I pulled her back. She turned around giving me the creepiest look, then she looked at her arm " Oh mian.......Please can you speak to me" i said hoping she'll talk "What do you want" She finally said I smile at her " Um Gwenchana?" "Yeah.....Thank you!" she said " Mian" She said " Wae?" Gash her voice is so peaceful " I bumped you earlier by my bike. It must hurt I'm very sorry" she said. I felt something weird towards her, why that shouldn't happen. I'm just going to ask her about Sun Mi-Bya. "W...w..what's your name" i don't know why I was shuttering "Sun Mi-Bya" Wha........ >.< -to be continued-
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