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The NBA is evolving at a rapid pace offensively. Sadly, the defense is regressing at a rapid pace as well.
Everyone wants to run on offense, but it seems as if no one wants to defend at a high level. Players seem to moan and groan about demanding defense and the pace of the game. Since the NBA is a players league, coaches have adapted their schemes to fit the desires of the players, but has that helped put the best overall product on the floor?
Former NBA All-Star Isiah Thomas isn't happy with the defense in the NBA right now at all.
The Hall of Famer doesn’t want to compare Stephen Curry to players from earlier eras because today's perimeter defense is so bad.
Around the league, many of the players praised as the best in the league are HORRIBLE defensive players. James Harden is considered by many the best shooting guard in the NBA, but he can't stop a nose bleed out there. To his defense, he's not the only poor defender on the perimeter right now. Rather than take time to fix poor fundamentals, coaches have just switched to playing at a faster pace, hoping they can out shoot guys in the long run.

Is Defense Worse Than It Has Even Been Right Now In The NBA?