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In baseball, teams are very strict on team attire.
One of the flexible attire rules has been the baseball cap. Some players like to wear one, some opt against it. For those who do decide to wear the cap, wearing it the standard way (bill of the brim forward) has always been optional. In the past, one of the all time greats, Ken Griffey Jr, wore his hat backwards at times.
Today, it's become an issue for certain teams. Even the Mets are pressing one of their franchise players over the way he wears his hat.
A New York Post reporter had tweeted earlier Thursday that Collins wasn't a fan of Cespedes' wearing his cap backward around the batting cage.
To his defense, Cespedes has responded to the comments with poise, saying he will switch things up if the coach asks him.
" When I got here last year, I asked whether it was OK to put my hat on backwards during practice, and I was told it wasn't a problem, said Cespedes. "If the manager needs to speak to me about it to change it, I will certainly do so. I have no problem changing it, if that's what he wants me to do. That's a nonissue."
Personally, I could care less if a player wears his hit backwards at the cage. If that makes him comfortable and more productive, than so be it.

Is Wearing A Hat Backwards A Big Deal In MLB?

Not a big deal...but I can definitely see why teams would want everyone to follow the same dress code.
Not a big deal
not a big deal