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Well said Ryan. It has the elegant simplicity to it that totally is applicable to this scenario. Okay, people are absolutely upset about Deadpool.. Still... Yes they are salty AF. They are either annoying about Ryan's success or the fact that Hollywood and people can't just get over the fact that this movie rocked.

Before you move any further, this is a satirical piece.

Look, when you have an actor... Like Ryan and he works on a script like Deadpool and he actually loves the character so much. What the duck do you get!? Movie Magic. This does not happen offen.. Seriously.. Like you are more likely to get struck by lighting. Let's enjoy the fact that we have someone who is committed not only to the character but the damn fan base. Omg, WTF... RYAN REYNOLDS YOU LISTENED TO THE FANS! You are my unsung hero! But not Deadpool lol, people know about him before and much more now. And I thank you Ryan and Tim Miller for keeping it real with the fans and producing a product that we The Fans, who mater the most can enjoy. Because of you Ryan, I have faith that the next Deadpool Movie will be awesome, I have faith that I will see X Force rated R how they should be and super duper faith that Hugh Jackman will give Wolverine that last time run with a rated R, so we can see the true pain and complexity of that character. I love you Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool the actor. Moving on
Now I want to address new found feelings towards Deadpool since he hit the big screen. Now people are getting tired of him and don't want to hear about him, you also hear that he is overrated. This is my answer to that Deadpool is hot now because he did one thing that no comic movie has done (don't chat about Blade, Ghost Rider etc) Deadpool broke the box office with a 300 million dollar weekend. Highest ranking rated R, he beat out movies like the Matrix. YES THE DAMN MATRIX and dude that is a big deal. Also he blew all MCU movies out the water on a budget of under 50 mill. Now you have a movie like The Winter's Soilder which was amazing but only landed 98 mill worldwide. Deadpool's dollar dollar bills are still coming him, so that 300 mill count is most likely a lot higher. And you I myself will be seeing Ryan Reynolds sexy ass on Sunday and this time around, I am really going to look at his ass hard. My friend will be with me, hopefully she can stop me from drooling. Despite the New Fans to Deadpool carrying on and being proud. Be happy for the whole MARVEL Fandom! Do you understand how beautiful it is to see any character done right on the screen and you can say to yourself that you are okay with it. And be happy that Ryan Reynolds did an hell of a job bring the pure essence of Deadpool's duckary to the screen. L A Von York
I'm sure once the release date for the sequel comes out, people will be cheering in the streets once again....but hopefully parents have learned their lesson and obey the "rated R" rule: not suitable for children
@kneelb4zod I been Butt called before and heard some nasty stuff. This I can deal with.
@CreeTheOtaku I was absolutely getting tired of people bitching about Deadpool and Ryan. Seriously it's not often you get a actor committed to a character. Look Wtf is up with Batman. No one can commit to that! And Superman is up there too. It's ridiculous. Marvel Fandom should just be happy!
@LAVONYORK ama have to TOTALLY............................................................................... AGREE on every thing you said ^.^ ones again hahah x) you literally took all those words out of my brain XD you copyed and pasted.😍 lol I've had people around me tired of hearing or seeing stuff about Deadpool lol I don't care tho Deadpool is my dude and Ryan is my man TOO! HAHAH Before the movie was out... heck way before they even announced there was going to be a Deadpool movie. I on my instagram page , posted a bunch of pics about Deadpool I was doing a story about Him and Death stroke lol I guess I did it so well that I was getting people curious who? what? is Deadpool LOL XD I felt so cool ^_^ I'm actually not tho :( LOL any ways some people were like "wow Deadpool sounds like a awesome character" others were getting but hurt off of it lol but whatever lol trust me when they announced the movie was being made I went all out on my instagram again hahah XD some people loved others got even more annoyed hahah I'm like I don't care, it's my boy Deadpool he's a hilarious bad ass character and I love him hahah people just hating big time! they hate us cause the *anus* ain't us LOL sorry for me writing alot 🙈 I hope you don't get bored half way through this heheh By the way I would so love to go see Deadpool with you hahahah I already know I would love thay experience with Lady Deadpool @LAVONYORK 😊😄😍
SORRY I guess I butt texted @redapple615 @LAVONYORK
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