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So my friend in Korea knows that I love BTS so much so that little f'er decided to kill me by sending me a lot of posters as a really early graduation gift lol 馃槶馃槏 Thank the lord for him! Now I need to send him something as incredible as this lol
I swear these made my heart stop ( *excuse my mess on my bed its to big to fix it lol*)
These were my favorites馃槏馃敟
Thank the lord as well for letting me have great friends in Korea lol
Awww!!!That's so sweet of your friend doing that for you....!!!!!!^-^Even though she killed you by sending you these BTS posters! !!,>_<Oh and if you are graduating soon,Congrats!!!!!!
Omg you're so lucky I love your friend!!!
Thank you! Yea he's a great friend lol @ChelsaGarcia
Super cool. You have a great friend!
I know I love him too lol! @VIPFreak2NE1
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