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I take an online math class at my school....
normally during the day if I do math work, I feel warn out and tired to where I don't want to do math and rather watch anime all day long.. (which isn't a bad idea) but ironically I rather do math late at night because its later in the evening and you don't have much distractions as much as you do during the day
so my question is What time of the day would you do math Morning, Afternoon, or Night? @AnimeBolanos @AnimeLove300 @danidee @animeg13
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I would like to study while being a normal person in the dark hour, who knows the reference?
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Ehhh never
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when would I like to do math never
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In the early afternoon! That way you can start your day and already be moderately alert for your lesson.
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early morning, I just want to get things over with
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