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I've recently watched/bought some Ghibli Studios films (my FYE store that sells the only anime in my town is going out because they were not able to find a place to pay lease). I recently watched The Wind Rises, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki's Delivery Service. I absolutely loved watching them as I did the other works of Hayao Miyazaki's. I always finding myself awe inspired by its creativeness and beauty. One of his films was an example for my essay called "My Favorite ____" (I filled the blank with anime). My essay paper tried to explain how anime has a deeper meaning and is not only for children. Not only these films but anime itself. I feel that anime has the ability to tell some serious and sensitive subjects in such a creative and educational way that I considered not only art but literature as well. It's a form of art that can be so easily overlooked because it's different from what American cartoons are like. Don't get me wrong, I love American cartoons and grew up watching it ever since I could remember. However, I've watched anime as long as that too. American cartoons have the ability to tell the stories that anime can but are mostly for the children, and anime is for all ages (depending the anime). I feel that anime has always been able to not only just bring beautiful artwork and hilarity into my life, but anime inspired me to think about concepts that it is trying to tell.
Here's some of the other anime I had in my essay paper. Psycho-Pass (in my opinion) shows how technology can cause chaos to society by rating someone's psyche when they could possibly be sane. The other anime that I had in my paper was Tokyo Ghoul and it shows how people try to fit-in society. The Wind Rises was my other example, and I thought it brung life lesson into play by perseverance and dedication can lead to success to your life goals. There were a lot more anime I could have chosen and would love to shown in my paper; however, my paper had a limitation on how many words I can have in my paper. I was unable to bring more anime up than I wanted too.
I hope you guys enjoyed me passive-aggressively ranting about how anime is beneficial and enjoyable. Comment on what else I showed critique on anime. Have a wonderful day/night fellow anime lovers!😄👍🏻