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I hope it's okay that I rant a little..

So today went crappy really fast. I haven't gotten an answer for a date that I asked a girl to since yesterday so I'm kinda thinking that's a no. Then tonight I go roller skating with my friend. We talk to these two pretty girls and teach them how to skate only to find out they both have boyfriends. Then a girl I had a thing with who works there wouldn't say a word to me every time I tried to just talk to her. She would say with profanity a million different ways for me to go away. And to end the night off great, the one time I fall is in front of a gorgeous girl who I talked to all night and got to know while skating. And when I got up she asked if I was okay and I said yea I was trying to get my phone out and just fell. And then after a couple minutes I ask her for number in front of her friend who makes the "oh that cute guy just asked you for your number. Give it to him" face. And then a couple seconds later she says and I quote "maybe next time." And skates off. And her friend looks back and notices my face or sorrow and defeat and says back to me "I thought she was gonna give you it because you're really cute and seem like a nice guy." And so I politely say "thanks anyways. Have a great night." And then I go to my car with my friend in defeat and sorrow and blur it all away with my good music. Yet it still hurts. ~M Sorry this is so long. Had to let it all out. @nicolejb Love is hard to come by. But you'll know when it comes by.
That's some awesome advice @AlloBaber!! I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough night, but who needs that right? haha you want to skate with a cutie who also likes you back right ;) keep your head up, you will have plenty of prospects in the future. It's pretty awesome you tried though!!
Awww @momattheword that sucks dude I'm sorry you had a crappy night :( but hey, don't worry about it, these things happen but they fade away on the breeze (especially with good music). I'm sure you'll meet another gorgeous, awesome girl someday soon and share an amazing connection, and find out you both like the same things, and then she'll OBVIOUSLY give you her number ;) one tip I like to give guys is to give her your number rather than asking for hers, because then the ball is in her court and you'll see if she's actually interested by whether she texts you back. give it a try if you like and lemme know how it works out for you :)
I will @allobaber
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How to make beeswax candles?
10 Steps to Make Beeswax Candles Beeswax candles are made with natural ingredients, and they can be a great choice for those that are trying to minimize their impact on the environment. Here are 10 steps to make your beeswax candles at home! Step one: gather your supplies. You will need the following items to make beeswax candles at home: - wax - wick that is appropriate for how big of a candle you want to create (you can find these online or in craft stores) - metal containers with lids, such as an old tin canister or even mason jar lids work well! Make sure the bowl fits your desired size and shape of the candle - this will be used to melt down the wax into liquid form. The bowl should also fit inside another larger bowl filled halfway up with water so it acts like a double boiler system when melting down the wax. If using glass jars, use oven mitts when moving them around because they will be hot. - beeswax - how much you use depends on how big of a candle you want to make, and how many candles one block of wax can produce. Beeswax is sold at craft stores in blocks, or online from places like Amazon. - wooden skewer for stirring the melted wax mixture while it cools down into liquid form (if using glass jars) before pouring them into votive molds. You could also just gently stir by hand when they are ready!   Step two: prepare your metal container according to step one above if needed. This bowl should fit inside another larger bowl filled halfway up with water so it acts like a double boiler system when melting down the wax. If using glass jars, use oven mitts when moving them around because they will be hot. Step three: cut your beeswax into chunks and place it in the metal container over a low heat source. You can also do this step using glass containers if melting down at higher temperatures or for a longer period. Step four: stir as needed until all the chunks have melted together completely into liquid form. This process takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how much you are melting down! Make sure that there is no water or moisture from getting into the bowl while doing this part which could cause your entire batch of wax to spoil so take caution during stirring steps. Step five: prepare the wick for how big of a candle you want to make! You can find these online or in craft stores - how to put a wick on a jar? Step six: add an appropriate amount of beeswax-based on how big of a candle you want to create. The more wax the stronger and longer-lasting your candle will be, but start small because it's always easy to add more as needed during this process! Step seven: once the mixture has cooled down from step five above, pour into votive molds that have been prepared previously according to steps one through three above if needed. Votive molds are inexpensive and great for first-timers who do not know how much they'll need since there is no need to have a specific number of candles. Step eight: let the wax mixture cool down for about an hour before placing wick into votive molds if using them! You can also put in your wooden skewer so it's ready when you are after this step. Step nine: place wick inside votive molds, and securely tighten lids over the top so they do not pop open during the next steps or while being used later on!   Step ten: wait another 24-48 hours until cooled completely before lighting up your beeswax candle! CONCLUSION Beeswax candles are a safe and pleasant alternative to paraffin candles. Unlike paraffin candles, beeswax candles produce natural, soothing light. Beeswax candles are also a more environmentally friendly option, unlike paraffin candles that are made from oil. Since beeswax candles are a renewable resource that can be found in your backyard or bought from a local farmer, it is a safe and sustainable option. Beeswax candles can be very expensive, but it is a worthy investment for a healthy and environmentally friendly home. Did I mention that beeswax candles smell amazing? Beeswax Candles: An Eco-Friendly, Healthy, and Soothing Choice. If you choose to use beeswax candles in your home during winter, you'll notice that your energy bill might decrease. Beeswax candles also have a warm and comforting scent, which will make your house feel cozy. Beeswax candles are an excellent winter purchase that will make your home look and smell great. Candles also are a very common gift for any occasion. Candles with jewelry inside are present at every celebration and also give a great mood in the house. Some candles can be used as a romantic gift or on birthdays, anniversaries. Also can be used as a decoration if you put it on the window sill or near the door. For lovely-surprising beeswax candles reviews, take in the full aroma of our Green Tea & Honey.