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The snack world is ever evolving in an effort to nab your dollars from competitors.
We have seen Oreo let loose countless new cookie flavors in the past year to squish out the competition. Twinkie seems ready to spread their wings as well, by unleashing an odd new flavor called key lime slime.
ENM Sales & Service has showcased the limited edition edible curio that is the ‘Key Lime Slime Twinkie.’
The new sponge filled cake is inspired by Ghostbusters.
For those who forgot the connection between Twinkies and Ghostbusters, it’s the food-esque product that Egon used to explain key paranormal activity that was going down in the first movie.
For those who need a visual refresher, watch the scene from the classic movie above.

I can't wait to try this product, what about you?

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I'd give it a try I guess if I die from it tell my mom she still owes me the second Tokyo Ghoul manga