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2PM Screenshot Game: New Residents Next Door Part 4

Game made by @jessicaacosta90 I will finish the whole thing today!!!
1. Dude really? I'm not an outdoor woods kind of girl. 2. I'm sorry who are you? I don't believe you've ever spoken to me. 3. Really? You're in on this too. I thought we understood each other.
4. I expected a lot more from you. *hangs head in shame* 5. whoa whoa whoa. no thank you 6. Umm you weird me out too ever since that walking in on me thing.
7. You are just too old for this. You need velcro? 8. & 9. Do it right so it doesn't collapse. I already don't like being out here.
10. Yeah because I'm a strong woman!!! 11. You didn't necessarily find me, I was on my way back. 12. Whoa there! Umm you saw me changing and what you got attached?
13. and..... 14. Ask your friend he hugged me. 15. Oh it's okay. I appreciate your concern. Feel guilty though I don't like the outdoors. Can't get lost in a library.
16. I am not a dog. Do NOT pat me. 17. Is this because I went "missing? 18. I repeat, "WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!?!"
19. what are we actually looking at? 20. Heck yeah I'm questioning your actions. you pop up out of no where and the cuddle me in my sleep. Now I'm running. We need some rules here! 21. I bet you would suggest that.
22.1 Great the cuddle creeper. 22.2 The outdoor occupant. 22.3 The Crying cohort.
23. Yeah that's the least you could do. Today was horrible. 24. Yeah probably not. Ice cream and cake together, never my favorite. 25. You seem upset, are you eating your feelings? #ThunderBuddies: @JaiiPanda @jessicaacosta90 @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @DianaBelle @isolate
I repeat, "WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!?!" LOL Auntie...Wooyoung tho Lol
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