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Jin: Jin, I have something to tell you…. Yes? …Im pregnant. This boy would be more than excited. The second the word pregnant came out of your mouth, he would be the happiest man on this big blue planet we call Earth. His first instinct would be to take care of you, and his baby. Hed probably be really protective of you, but all just because he want his little prince or princess and you to be safe during this time.
Suga: Yoongi…that was the 3rd time this morning, Shh…its okay, Jagi. Its just a little sickness thatll pass. No, I dont think so. Yoongi I think I might be pregnant. The smile on Yoongis face would be priceless. I feel like Yoongi would be the happiest among the boys. Ive seen so many things that show how much Yoongi wants to be a dad when hes older, and honestly, hed be the coolest dad. Get ready to see this smile almost 24/7. He couldnt help but smile when heard that hell be a dad, hell be the father of your children.
J-Hope: Hoseok! Its positive! you exclaim. Hoseok would immediately break out in dance. His hyperness would skyrocket through the roof. He would be singing and dancing, probably saying random crap like My Jagi has my babyyyyyyy!! Hed immediately tell the boys, and tell the world. He would not be able to contain his happiness. Hed already be thinking about how cute the baby you created with him would be, and while hes telling you all of his excitements for the future, his smiles would be impossible to contain.
Rapmonster: You exited the bathroom and walked to the livingroom, to find a room full of anxious boys. You try to hide your smile to hide the surprise you had for your lovely Namjoon. 14 eyes looked up at you the second you were in their sight. All you did was nod at them. Namjoons heart skipped a beat, and he immediately started to freak out. A good freak out, dont worry. Hed probably not believe it at first, but you would reassure him and tell him its true.
Jimin: The entire morning you have been texting Jimin, since he had to go to the studio for the day. Before he left you were throwing up quite a lot, and you havent been feeling to sick. At around lunch, you pick up a pregnancy test, then you text Jimin the results. Chim-Chim its positive. His eyebrows would raise up and hed lightly chuckle to himself. Jin would peer over Jimins shoulder and smile when he saw the text as well. Jin-hyung, Im going to be a dad! I feel like Jimin would have to cutest reaction to this, and probably the calmest one as well. Hed be anxious to get home to you, so you could celebrate this amazing news with him as well. Hed probably ask to take some days off so he could help take care of you when you needed him the most.
V: Taehyung, the doctors told me- -That your pregnant???? Yes, Tae, *insert squishy tae* ooMMGGGGG Taehyung would be so happy. This giant ball of squish would be happy beyond belief. Youve seen Taehyung around kids, and its honestly the cutest and most beautiful thing ever. Hed be like Hoseok and immediately think about you and your future child. Hed want the world for his baby boy or his baby girl, and hed make sure that hell take care of you and the baby
Jungkook: Jungkook would be at the beginning of a tour, and as promised, he would facetime you as much as possible. Kookie, I need to tell you something, Yes, jagi? Kookie, youre going to be a dad. R-Really? a smile would immediately blossom on his face. You would just nod, a smile on your face. All the stress he felt during the day would melt away as he thought about being the father of yours and his child. Hed be like Tae too, because hes a cute little squishy kookie that would protect you with his life.
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