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You would be surprised the lengths a person would go for a quality meal.
Enter Mets star slugger Yoenis Cespedes, who holds waffles near and dear to his heart. Not just any waffles though, round waffles. According to reports, Cespedes loves only round waffles, and will go great lengths, (or send team reps great lengths) to get them.
From Newsday:
“It’s enough of a sticking point that on Wednesday morning, Cespedes wondered if a Mets staffer might be willing to make a quick run to the store for a round waffle maker. […]

Cespedes insisted that the staffer take his black Lamborghini Aventador — the one customized to have flames shoot out of the tailpipe.”

So.. Yoenis will let you ride his 400,000 dollar lambo around town if you will find him some round waffles? Where do I sign up to be his personal assistant?
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Hahahahah oh Cespedes. He's definitely been the center of attention throughout this spring training camp