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A lot of teams put a tremendous amount of stock in the NFL combine.
Team general managers want to see how the players test physically in the routines. They also place a lot of weight in the interviews with general managers and coaches. They want to know how you handle situations under pressure. The goal is to see how sharp you are and what makes you tick.
This week, some teams went to extreme lengths to get a feel for players, as they asked some of the weirdest questions in the interview process ever.
Draft analyst Dane Brugler let loose one of the craziest questions he heard fly at the combine on twitter this week, tweeting "Strangest interview question I've heard a NFL team ask a prospect so far: Do you find your mother attractive?"
I don't mind a wide range of questions, but how does that question help you decide if that player is the man you want to select?

Have you heard of any other weird questions asked at the combine?

it's more of a trick question to see if the prospect is sharp enough to answer in a way where they have to show maturity and at the same time answer it in a way that is appropriate and handle the pressure of the press.
That's pretty f-ed up
I mean I would've replied something along the lines of "how does my answer on my mothers looks help you get a better feel of me as a football player?"
@bobs you have a point, but it's just a horrible question to ask lol
What is the point of asking someone if they have an Oedipus complex
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