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Jinjin is such a cutie.
He's judging Moonbin so much in this picture
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He reminds me of Yoongi haha. I feel like Astro's gonna go far though
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@MaeLyn yeah I feel like they'll go far too
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how old is everyone in ASTRO?
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MJ (oldest) KA: 23, RA: 21 JinJin KA: 21 RA: 19 EunWoo KA: 20 RA: 18 MoonBin KA: 19 RA: 18 Rocky KA: 18 RA: 17 Sanha (Maknae) KA: 17 RA: 15 Sanha, EunWoo, JinJin, and MJ all have birthdays in March, which is why their calendar birthday (RA) is off right now. :) (( if I've done this wrong please let me know!!))
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