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Colorful Full-Furry Cosplay
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What what? >:D
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God bless their furry butts! doing this cosplay is not as fun as one would think lol and forget about the summer!. last year we did this in june... actually two years in a row. we don't learn.
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@Ticasensei. I worked at a pizza place that required a mascot to advertise outside often. Full on fur costumes are seriously sweat shops. It was yucky. But fun. lol I'd do it again if I could actually wear what I want at a con.
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@Danse my sister was a big panda but I had to help her when walking and had to rest every hour because of heat and drink lots of water... it's a pretty awful cosplay to do in summer time but that was our state biggest con and its in june so uh.
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