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Disclosure :Satirical piece below

First of all.. I'm setting the record straight. I'm a Merc with a Mouth so I should be mouthy right? Lol My fellow Marvel and DC Communities compadres, I will be frank. My tag list is absolutely F*cked up and I am sorry about that. I want people to interact and be able to read my content. I am not a Vingle Rockstar that gets people chatting up with out tossing a tag. Dude, I seriously having a Booster Gold moment man. Lol Anyway after I put up this card, which will be shared between Marvel and DC Communities. I will put up an ask me ALMOST anything and see if anyone bites. Or at least anyone who is interested to know how twisted I am
I know that is SPN but that's how I feel
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I really did not like toby as spider man. he sucked. I don't like christian bale as batman but I don't think he completely sucked I just don't like him as an actor.
@JimTurpen I like him as well xD honestly I think they all did good work but the Marvel characters seemed to really get into their characters more than D.C.'s Batman and Superman but that's my opinion xD Like I said they were good but I felt something is lacking. Maybe in the superman one it's because they made him too super and arrogant and Batman just feels.... I don't know how to put it than detatched. He was more emotionless than anything, even as Bruce who would at least feign emotions when needed
1) most accurate: Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Chris Evans as Captain America, and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool 2) poorly casted: Christian Bale as Batman and Toby McGuire as Spider-Man. The others? I'm kinda in between. 3) can you tag me for the DC community? I love DC and Marvel but so far I've only been involved with Marvelers
robert and Ryan and also captain America I belive the actors did a Great job brining these comic book characters to life I would also say Hugh Jackman but since he's movies were pg-13 I don't think the actor wasn't able to go all out with the character wolverine but I belive if they would have made the movies rated R I have faith that Jackman could bring wolviere from the comics truly to life! not saying he didn't do a great job as wolviere cause belive me I LOVE that man as wolviren lol but yeah ummm let's see with batman I say no *my opinion* and super man I say yes and no lol but I'm not going to like I feel the superman actor did a better job with he's character than the batman actor just how I see it! lol (sorry I don't know there names I suck I know lol) @ my lovely miss Miss Deadpool ^.^ @LAVONYORK
@Ticasensei or as I like to call him "Toby McCryer" since he cries sooo many times in the Spider-Man movies lol
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