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*closed* Next Screenshot Story Game will be who?
Sooo I know I posted this question on my last Screenshot Game of 2PM but I decided to do it this way Instead.

Who should the next Screenshot Story Game be????

Write down your comments below and the winner will be announced Wednesday. In the Meantime, Comment Away! I will ONLY count the one's that have One group. Here are your choices ^-^


*Screams* JACKSON! ;-;

2. U-Kiss

3. Beast

4. Ikon

5. BigBang

6. BtoB

Their you go! Comment away? xD ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆★★☆☆★★

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@axosrain Ah I forgot to close this..the winner was already chosen. it's Ikon and I already started on it..
a year ago·Reply
Ahhh OK
a year ago·Reply
@axosrain Yeah sorry about that :/
a year ago·Reply