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We Got Married (Monsta X) Game
So, I ran across @sarabear1021 's card of this game and I just had to do this :P Her original card is 《Right Here》. NOW! I want to clarify that I did not cheat!


Let my Daydream / Fairytale Begin...

So apparently I'm going to get married to my Bias Hyungwon :D♡

Oh Man I'm in love with my dress!! :O

It's Official!!

He Proposed!!

We are getting married on September 26th (Monbebe Anniversary), so save the date guys!! LOL

This is were we will have our 1st Mr. & Mrs. Dance.

(I know cheesy, sorry...)

Oh Man! So Beautiful!!

Can I not wake up from this dream?

Omo! D:

I'm actually really happy with five kids (:

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