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I saw @Kieuseru do this and thought it was fun. She has the link to the questionnaire on her card, but I'll show you the questions because the answers themselves were hilarious reading them
My answer was the first one. Like literally, I can't sleep comfortably without my room being freezing cold. My sister thinks I'm crazy for doing this
I choose the first one. The only one in my house that snores is my mom, and she's still in denile
I choose the second one. Like it happens especially during lectures. It sucks
I'm average. Sometimes if it's raining heavily outside, I don't hear it but I see the aftermath in the morning, but other times I end up waking in the middle of the night because I have to use the restroom, then I see the storm and I have trouble going back to sleep
Second one. I'm dead if I wake up early
I had trouble with this one. It was either the 3rd picture or the 6th picture. If ask depends on how I wake up, because I go to sleep like the 3rd one, but wake up like the 6th one
Third one was my choice. I don't snuggle, I don't think I ever will. My childhood guy friend could share the same bed with me and I wouldn't care
And this is my result. Only difference is the temperatures need to be switched
this cute love it
I got Xiumin...because I'm a peaceful sleeper.