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McDonald's continues to expand their menu in an effort to pry consumers away from competitors.
If the addition of beer, kale salads or all-day breakfast didn't catch your attention, McDonald's is hoping the addition of Turkey sausage & egg white breakfast bowls will.
The Egg White & Turkey Sausage bowl features “breakfast turkey sausage, egg whites, sautéed baby spinach and kale, topped with thin shavings of Parmesan cheese and a freshly prepared bruschetta” and contains just 250 calories and 27 grams of protein.
“These new menu items follow big changes McDonald’s has made to give customers more options—including All Day Breakfast, table service in our dining rooms, and the customizable Chef Crafted menu,” Bob Sutherland, president of San Diego County McDonald’s Owner/Operator’s Association said regarding the additions. “We are focusing on customers’ desires and are committed to making noticeable changes to the Golden Arches.”
These seem a lot healthier than the previous options they have let loose this year.

Will you give this breakfast bowl a chance?

Sounds weird haha but I wouldn't mind trying it once though :D
Lol I'm sorry that was mean. jk not sorry
still won't eat nasty and unhealthy fast food but at least McDonald's is trying so all the lazy, white trash & fat ass's can feel a little better and hold off their heart attack for another year or so