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Would you buy food that doesn’t look perfect and may be past its expiration date (slightly) in order to save money and help cut down on the amount of food that goes to waste?
A supermarket in Denmark is banking on the fact that you will, and if they are right, this plan could take the food distribution world by storm in the near future.
According to Quartz, the new supermarket — called WeFood — aims to not only cut down on the food wasted by Copenhagen (and the country of Denmark in general) but become an important source of affordable nutrition to those citizens who can’t afford food at higher prices elsewhere.
Via Quartz:
"The supermarket hopes to draw both environmentally conscious shoppers and low-income individuals with limited budgets, according to Folkekirkens Nodhjaelp, the local non-profit that set up the project over the past year. Already praising the effort — which took a fair amount of legislative wrangling to set up — is Danish food minister Eva Kjer Hansen, who called the amount of food wasted each year “ridiculous.”
The shop holds markdowns as high as 50%.

If the food is still technically eatable, would you shop at a place like this?

I used to raise my own and worked in a fruit and vegetable stand when i was a teenager. I know produce, so yeah, I could tell if it was to bad to eat. I'd shop there.
I usually but good according to the price so this would be good ^^
I actually wouldn't mind if it was cheaper to buy food there. If you cook it you won't even notice with a lot of foods.
@JackieMurrayCab that's a useful skill! I used to work with food a lot but you've probably got a better eye than me