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so I got tagged by @AnnahiZaragoza to check this out and I got so happy when I saw it. thanks to @sarabear1021 for making the card! (I tried to copy the link, but it wouldn't let me. (〒︿〒) ) go check the creator out.
I'm not complaining. sweet, cute, and great father figure.
I'd love this dress on anybody but myself.
How pretty!
I'd love to have a reception like this at my real wedding!
*bow chicka bow wow.* lol no. Shownu is to cute I wouldn't be able too.
so that's all? just one child?
I'm pretty fond of my results. iffy about the dress... and a little sad about the amount of kids seeing as how real life me wants 5, so I guess I'm happy this is just fantasy land. Lol . anyways you should all try it out if you like Monsta X. I mean who knows this can be the reality for seven people in the future.
@xxchicharitoxx Hahaha yup! 😉
@AnnahiZaragoza ...you know what they say about guys who can dance. 😜
bow chicka bow wow, indeed lol 😏 You know you won't be able to resist Shownu's Bod lol