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Years ago, the idea of a child having access to a gun was something that struck fear into the hearts of Americans nationwide, today some people in the Midwest think children toting guns is a good idea.
Children of all ages in Iowa would be able to lay down their toy guns and pick up the real thing under a bill that passed the state House of Representatives.
Statehouse Republicans, including the bill's sponsor, Rep. Jake Highfill, said the the legislation was an issue of parents' rights designed to correct "an injustice in Iowa code” that now forbids children 14 and younger from handling pistols.
While many wouldn't think a child holding a gun is a good idea, the people in power in Iowa think a child's lack of access to the weapon isn't right.
The measure approved Tuesday by 62-36 vote would allow children 14 or younger to possess “a pistol, revolver or the ammunition” under parental supervision. It now heads for the state Senate.

What do you think, should children be allowed to handle guns?

Totally!! Parents are the ones that need to protect their kids. Not kids defending themselves. I also think that with the exposure to media and violence, bids could forget the real life consequences of firing a gun @lovelikematoi
@nicolejb i can hardly believe it myself. wouldnt this make it easier for more tragic deaths? kids under 14 are not mature enough to be having guns! this isn't the zombie apocalypse!
@nicolejb @lovelikematoi Would you agree to arming the teachers instead?