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Welcome to Never Seen Before! A small collection where I'll be posting about anime I have seen little to no discussion about here on Vingle! Some of these animes might be your favorite, some might be unheard of. I thought it'd be a fun idea to share my little arsenal of shows I find interesting, and possibly give people new anime to watch!


A strange environmental phenomenon 22 years ago in the Kanazawa prefecture caused the land to split and protrude upwards reaching unprecedented heights, creating the secluded area known as The Lost Ground. Kazuma is a young mercenary who lives in the Lost Ground, looking for any work he can find to sustain his livelihood within the harsh environment. He is one of the few people that are gifted with the Alter ability, which allows him to plaster his right arm and torso with a metallic alloy. When this mercenary encounters HOLY, an order whose purpose is to suppress and capture what they call Native Alter Users, and one of the elite members of HOLY, Ryuho, an epic rivalry begins.

Witch Hunter Robin

Witches are individuals with special powers like ESP, telekinesis, mind control, etc. (not the typical hogwart and newt potions). Robin, a 15-year-old craft user, arrives from Italy to Japan to work for an organization named STN Japan Division (STN-J) as a replacement for one of STN-J's witch hunters who was recently killed. Unlike other divisions of STN, STN-J tries to capture the witches alive in order to learn why and how they became witches in the first place.
I actually didn't get to finish this one. I think I was in elementary/middle school when this aired on Toonami, I got grounded right when it was getting interesting and my parents jacked my tv :( It's on my rewatch list though!

Darker Than Black

It has been 10 years since Heaven's Gate appeared in South America and Hell's Gate appeared in Japan, veiling the once familiar night sky with an oppressive skyscape. Their purposes unknown, these Gates are spaces in which the very laws of physics are ignored. With the appearance of the Gates emerged Contractors, who, in exchange for their humanity, are granted supernatural abilities.
In the Japanese city surrounding Hell’s Gate, Section 4 Chief Misaki Kirihara finds herself at odds with an infamous Contractor codenamed Hei. Called "Black Reaper" in the underground world, Hei, like his associates, undertakes missions for the mysterious and ruthless Syndicate while slowly peeling back the dark layers covering a nefarious plot that threatens the very existence of Contractors.
From the mind of Tensai Okamura comes a sci-fi thriller taking the form of a subtle exposé on a war in which political positions and justice have no sway—a war waged exclusively in the shadows.
This series has two seasons and an OVA. I watched it season 1, OVA, season 2 (which I believe is how it was aired.) I've read that people prefer to watch both seasons and then the OVA. Either way makes sense if you ask me. But if I remember all the plot and details right, watching the OVA last might be best. Don't quote me on it though lol
All of them are bad ass! I've watched them all and own Scryed!!!
I loved watching these on adult swim
@LadyLuna... lucky.. I wanted that anime
I love them all watched them several times wish they would make sequels
@jevonlowery I need to rewatch s-cry-ed and hs dxd. Its been years since I've seen either but I remember them both being awesome!
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