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no game no life light novel cover anylisis. cover 1.shiro the card representing shiro is the queen of hearts, while not like her brother shiro has shown a deeper understanding of the human heart than sora. sora reads the surface shiro gets to the root, also shiro is more intune to her emotions than sora. 2.jibreal jibreal has all the cards face down,but there is one odd colored one over a book under her hand. that is jibureals full potential. she has the most possibility out of all the flugel 3.izuna izuna is the Jack of hearts, as long as it is in the form of games she comes close to shiro in terms of potential. and is a Jack of all trades 4.plum queen of spades, plum is a trump card that works alot of the time. and is close to the joker but not there yet. 5.azrieal azreal is the nine of hearts and a hidden joker. her left eye is the nine of hearts and her right is the god power inherited from artosh aka the joke power. PS all gods are jokers BUT they are ranked. 6.tet the absolute joker in the no game no life trump set. he overrules all other cards. 7.miko queen of diamonds, said to be the most precious of the diamonds and the best set for the almighty the closest to god. 8.mikos god second rank joker a joker but not Al the level of tet.
bonus note, in-game no life volume one cover art. the bank is represented but the absolute joker as well