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You guys cssn pick heroes from any where they dont need to be from Marvel or DC so pick any heros from any univers! Comment comment comment guys :)



2 main reasons why I love the HULK number one he's green and green is my favorite color LOL two is that I can relate to he's story so much :) Bruce always trying to keep inside trying to not get mad at people also how people view hulk as a monster when all he wants to be is a hero! I'm in freaken love with HULK he's my favorite super hero from Marvel! Psssssst Deadpool is my favorite Anti- hero from Marvel he heheh lol those two are my mains LOL


My man SENTRY *The golden Gardian* I love this guy's so much he's way to awesome! :)


My Man ACE! a aaaaaah He is such a bad ass I love he's style he's ability and how he's a awesome older brother!


MY BOY LUUUUUUUUUUFFFFFYYYYY!!!!!!!!! ;) He's such a inspirational Character my gosh! he shows me how important friendships are in life :)
#5 And last but sertenly not least my man ONE PUNCH MAN!!!!!! HAHAH another very inspirational Character that I love so much hahah x) I loved him so much that the anime character I grew up with as a child (Goku) he's been replaced with this new character that only got a 12 episode season and stole my heart that quick LOL sigh he's just way to awesome of a character in my book. :D
ok now my life is


deadpool, deadpool, deadpool, flash, hulk
Wait!? No one called out Hawkeye or Black Widow, Hell did Professor X did not make the cut Lmao! I got some new unsung lol
Kamala Khan, Steve Rogers, America Chavez, Kathy Kane, Miles Morales.
1. Deadpool 2. Starlord 3. Captain America 4. Batman 5. Wonder Woman ( guess I should throw a woman in the mix to. ) @EmmaBone
@ShinigamiSan lol oh my gosh XD
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