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Does anyone have such a friend? My closet friend from colleague doesn't like Kpop but she always listens to my rant (I listen to hers, about her daily life in return).
@chasinghapiness well yeah they actually listen to all my kpop music but they just hear the music there not much a a fan addict like me haha thats always trying o find out about my bias lol
@anagnz have you tried dragging your sister into the Kpop world? haha ^^ @ennairamaleuzer same with me! my parents are actually quite supportive when I told them I wanted to move to Korea. My friends also call me Korean addict and make fun of me all the time, but I know they don't mean harms so it's all good l)
all of my friends and family know i love lee min ho and cnblue and i always talk about it with my friends, sometimes they call me "korean addict"
yeah me too i keep it quite around friends eventhough my sister know about kpop i dont talk about it as much :/
@dreamgirl awwww girl you have us! you can fangirl as much as you want here on vingle hehe
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