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Taeyang also known as Sol

A man who can make you smile in seconds, ring your ears with his vocals and melt you with his body. . .. So here is your bias...

A smile which many people love to see.

Doesn't he make you smile when you see these pictures,, because it did to me. xD

Who always pours his heart through each performance especially with his wild vocals.

Who can't not fall for this guy. He can be your bias, or your bias wrecker. Hell he could crawling right now towards your bias list.


"The love is awesome. Now let me crawl into that bias lists " ya ready.......

Yup,, that body!!!

He was also ranked as the best abs in Big Bang (Daesung was second) Who can't not denied those beautiful bricks <<<(really did I said that xD)

Yes,, this is every one

Best solo songs I love

Awesome collaborations I enjoy the most

A little bit of him .. enjoy this tiny video of him. Who gave us many memories through out the yrs.

Taeyang and G-Dragon

Taeyang and T.O.P

Taeyang and Daesung

Taeyang and Seungri

Taeyang is just always full of energy. Is either he makes us laugh or melt, but he never fails for his fans.

I hope you enjoy this card .

Taeyang's Lovers


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Thank you for tagging me in this card!!! I love BB but if I had to choose my UB would Taeyang!!! He's amazing!!! <3
2 years ago·Reply
@VIPforever123 your welcome love 💖
2 years ago·Reply
@BBxGD i just love this!!!! this is perfect thing for me right before i gotta go work....I LOVE YOUNG BAE
2 years ago·Reply
He's my BB #2. He was my gateway to GD. I will always love my Youngbae.
2 years ago·Reply