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Chapter 5 ~ Lay
~Yunnan 1991~ It's been a few weeks since the queen granted my husband and I, along with my sister and her soon-to-be husband a child. The first week was tough because Lay already has a bonded with the queen. So everytime I tried to comfort Lay, he would cry even more until last week when he started getting use to my husband and I. I walked into Lay's room and saw him laying there silently chewing on his hand. When he saw, he started squealing with joy. "Hi sweetheart. Did you sleep well?" I asked him and received a squeal in return. I giggle as I set him on the changing table and started to change him. After changing Lay, I made my way to the dinning room with Lay in my arms. I removed the highchair tray with one hand and put Lay in the chair as I put the tray back on and gave him small pieces of chopped up fruit. I went in the kitchen to see what my husband was doing. My husband was standing there in a short sleeve shirt and sweatpants. He was cooking his and my breakfast. I watched his upper arm flex as he cut up green bell peppers and put them in the pan with the other stuff he is cooking in. "Are you going to keep watching or feed our son some food." he said to me, making me snap out of my thoughts. " I was getting there, jeez." I said, walking closer and grabbing the oatmeal on the counter. Before I could even walk away. My husband gave me a kiss and slapped my butt. I gasped and turned around to punch my in the arm as he laughed at me because I was blushing really red. I walked back to Lay to see that he was almost done with his fruit. He gave me a toothy grin and held out the fruit. I sat down in the chair and started to feed him the oatmeal but blowing on it to make sure it wasn't to hot for him to eat. It wasn't long until my husband came in with his and mine food. He set mine down in front of me. I thanked him as he sat down across from me. Making Lay in the middle of us because his highchair is at the head of the table. I gave Lay the last spoonful of his breakfast and set the bowl aside and started eating my food before it went cold. "Let's go to the park today? It's suppose to be nice and sunny today. Plus we haven't had a family outing yet." my husband suggested. I nod, thinking that it's a good idea to have family bonding time since my husband works during the week. When I got done eating my breakfast, my husband took my dish and went to clean his, Lay's and mine. I got up cleaned Lay's face and went to his room. I changed him into clothes and brought him to my room. I changed into white capris and a blue v-neck shirt. I curled my hair and put on make up. when I walked out to get my sandals, I saw my husband dressed and ready to go. I slipped on my sandals and we went to the car. It didn't take long to get to the park. We played until we got hungry and ate lunch, then went back to playing again until I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I knew my husband felt it to because he wrapped an arm around me and held onto Lay tight. We were running to get to the car but time stopped and the sky went dark when three Xerusian came in view of us. I held onto Lay as my Husband started fighting them off. I was going to run but I couldn't so I stood there with Lay's face in my shoulder crying. I was trying to calm Lay down that I didn't notice a Xerusian coming towards me. My husband was already fight two of them so I had no choice but to fight with Lay in my arms. I kicked him in the stomach. Making sure it had enough force then he punched me and I punched him back. It was back and forth with the punching and kicking but when I fell to the ground, he drew a weapon. "Give us the child or you will die." He told me. I looked up at him with cold eyes. "I rather die then give you the child." I hissed at him. He was getting ready to kill me but my husband got to him first by snapping his head and stabbing him in the chest. When the body disappear into ashes the time went back to its normal time and the sun came back out. My husband fell to his knees and pulled me into a tight grasp. I didn't want to let go either so we stayed like this for awhile until we decided to go back to the house.
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