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Hiya Vinglers!! I just wanted to share my item that I got last night at an event at my college (free stuff is awesome!!)!!! I love this website and all of you in it!! You all are awesome and I love that I'm on here and its okay to nerd out on all the manga and anime! Thank you guys so much for making it awesome here!! Thank you especially to the mod team for accepting me and doing a magnificent job at making this community successful! @InVinsybll @Danse @hikaymm @TylerDurso @VoidX Thank you to @AlloBaber for being so awesome and giving some reallyyyy terrific advice that really has helped me to live a better life! @AdamDean @Alcides13 @Alletaire @Animefanatic18 @ARMYStarlight @BobbieStinson @bmcclain191 @BobbieStinson @CreeTheOtaku @DaiGakuSei @danidee @DariusLigon @devinrohers @dragonlover1852 @gabbycalzada @GillianMarsh @iixel @JadaDiemand @JakeErter @JayEstrella @Kirik @KaylanMadoori @littlemaryk @MadAndrea @MajahnNelson @MelissaGarza @MetalMorgan @Moonpie15b @nberry1620 @NikolasSatterwh @NinjaMouse @poojas @punksjunk @reaper412 @ReinShirai @RosePark @shannonl5 @Silverfang @ShinigamiSan @superjkob @tayhar18920 @TaylorKoby @TreverMoon @Volpix5150 @ZeltzinCorona
I don't want to make this too long but I just have to say, this app is probably the only app where I feel I am more a part of something rather than just a viewer, I have so many good friends here who are supportive and make me laugh, its so amazing :) im surprised I even found it, I thought this app would be a good way to add on to my Japanese studies. honestly it doesn't help much in that category but it gave me something really important to me. my new friends ^-^
Yay! I wanted to do something similar actually. I can't thank you guys enough for the wonderful experience I had in the short time here on vingle. From @ChrisSantiago introducing me to the app and @InVinsybll getting me started with making cards and making me a part of the mod team and of course the rest of the mod team @tbell2 @VoidX @hikaymm @Danse, you guys are the best! I can go on and on forever but this is already to long so I'll just say cheers to all of you!
It's crazy how I actually discovered this app. I was looking for an app to learn Japanese and it turned out I got something much better than that. I'm so grateful to everyone on here for the acceptance and making me feel like I belong somewhere. This is truly an amazing community and I love how we all share our love for this beautiful thing called anime. Thanks for all the happiness you've brought and will continue to bring!
@danidee haha yep!! (: like he was excepting people's names and in heart, with a music note, a cross, with a flower, and I asked for vingle (X and my friend asked for one with a shape of a flame with Tomoe inside it (:
This fills my heart with so much happy! Were they just bending wire into whatever design you'd like and you picked Vingle?
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