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So finally, I am back with these. This is Kyuhyun, maknae of Super Junior. It's short and fluffy because @GamerKyumin wanted some loves from this boy. Here you go~
I know it's short but I thought it was cute ✨ Let me know if you want to be tagged in the following cards or if you have any requests! My next texts card is taking longer because I'm doing all of Block B however I'm only left with two members so it should be done soon! Tagging all the loves ❤️ @Helixx @GDsGF @Mikim000 @DenieceSuit @jeppblackmen @JasmineWilliams @elizabeth1234 @kpossible4250 @MalihaAhmed @ivyheart13 @KaylinJones @patoramirez9798 @luisacarmona @GamerKyumin @HuonTreeRoo @Michellelbarra @Jiyongixoxo @Maddie27 @QueenLele @AlexAckerman
First off, oh my gosh, I'm so sorry I'm so late...I was away (>.<) Second off, Ack! My heart! It's too cute and the ending line was too Kyuhyun like! ♡♡
So adorable😆 I would like to request a G-dragon card please😃
omg that's so cute
@Maddie27 anything else other than jealousy from GD?
@Maddie27 any specific subject? I already have a jealousy one coming if you want something else...
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