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A somewhat overprotective brother, 2PM’s Nichkhun scolded Jun.K for looking at his younger sister. On May 27’s broadcast of KBS’ Hello, 2PM appeared as guests to hear the worries about an older sister, whose younger brother is way too overprotective over her. Nichkhun shared that he thought the younger brother should learn to trust his sister a little more, making the MCs ask Nichkhun if he trusts his younger sister. Without a moment’s hesitation, Nichkhun nodded, saying he does trust his younger sister. Just then, Jun.K piped up, saying, “I looked at her the other time and her skirt was really short.” The comment made Nichkhun hilariously yell, “You looked at her?!” He then questioned the other 2PM members, who all started chirping that they didn’t see Nichkhun’s sister in a short skirt, making Nichkhun grab Jun.K and jokingly hold him in a headlock. Oh Jun K, you are getting what you deserve!! haha. I think Nichkhun's sister must look pretty too!