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This is a continuation of this imagine found {here} I suggest reading that one before this one. This will have 2-3 parts. (By the way, this scenario is based off of the movie 'If I stay.') It's very short but other parts will be longer. Genre; Angst Enjoy c; ~ He looked at your face, his eyes skimming through your beautiful facial features. The way your eyes looked dead with those huge eyebags right under. Your heart beating, slowly but surely. Your lips looking sweet even if they are chapped with a few cuts here and there. Your hair, on either side of your face, complimented your facial structure. His eyes trailed down to the gown you were wearing, and moved onto your arms that were full of cuts and bruises, as well as the needle that was hooked into your left arm. He felt the stinging in his eyes once more as he saw the Girl he loves, in this state. This shouldn't have happened- if only he was there. If only he didn't let you go. If only he begged you to stay for the night, where the problems would disappear when they would know that the other is safe. If only he told you he loves you and actually proved it. But there's no use in dwelling on the night before events. There's only hope. Hope for the future that the woman in front of him would wake up. Why was he so blind to see that the Girl he was avoiding- the Girl that didn't mean a lot once, now is his whole world. His whole crumbling world. If only he realized his feelings before it was too late. Why did it have to be like this? He could've kept you safe. He could've done so many things for you- but it's too late now. Just yesterday you were going on about how after a year you finally got over him. Then he shows up, and you can't seem to look at him in the eyes but do it anyway as you search for something in his eyes. You wanted him to yell at you, not to confess to you. You wanted the exact opposite of what he wanted. But things don't always turn out the way one wants them to right? It just… hurts when one has high expectations only to get lead down. That was his expectation. You were his expectation. He held everything, his feelings, his conscious, him. Only to find out that the Girl he loves no longer loves him. He stood up from his chair and leaned closer to Your ear hoping that you might hear him in your unconscious state, “You may be the one I can't see, but I know I can find you. You may be the one That I can't hear, but I can hear the beating of my heart, ringing in my ears as I felt you approach.” He closed his eyes as a single tear slid down his face. He sighed as he looked at the beeping machine. Beep.. beep.. beep.. “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you,” he kept repeating and repeating as more and more tears came out. He has never cried this much for a woman- or a person in general. “Come back to me.” He grabbed your slightly cold hand gently, and placed it on his cheek as he softly caressed your coloreless skin. Your skin, to him was as fragile as glass. “You can't leave me.” His red teary eyes, making him look completely vulnerable. He looked closely at you in hopes that you will wake up to his touch. Beeeeep His whole world felt like it was crashing as he thrashed around whilst being pushed out of the room. “You can't leave me!” he screamed out as he tried to get a grip at anything to keep him from leaving your side any longer. “Don't give up!”Please! I can't lose you again!” "Stay with me! You have to survive! Don't give in!" The doors closed on him and the last thing he saw was them putting a blanket over your unmoving body.
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