A word of caution: You're probably going to find the following absolutely ridiculous, and you're probably going to think I'm on drugs...I don't do drugs, I don't need drugs...these are just a few of the thousands of odd thoughts and ideas that pass through my head throughout the day.
Can someone who was born deaf understand why farts are funny?
What if all those old reports of vampire bites were the results of time travelers with tasers?
Scientists have found planets composed almost entirely of minerals and elements that are rare on Earth...that would mean that such would have relatively no value to a space traveler, and that the rarest commodity is LIFE. So, what if alien abductions are actually bank withdrawals?
If all men experienced that terrible moment of falling in the toilet when they're half-asleep, would they still leave the seat up?
All potatoes are mashed before they reach our stomachs.
Can we choose to become ghosts when we die? Do ghosts have the ability to travel through time?
We eat everything else from the outside, in...why do we eat circular foods like pizza and pie from the inside, out?
Wolverine could not be circumcised.
The Swiss must’ve been pretty confident in their chances of victory if they included a corkscrew on their army knife.
Why is "wrong" always spelled wrong in the dictionary?
Can Chewbacca even say his own name? Also, how is his fur always so perfect? Where would he hide a hairbrush and hair products to maintain it? Never mind...forget that last question!
I feel like the phrase "like a boss" is misused. I mean, if you do something "like a boss", have you just been paid to take credit for someone else's awesome work?
If Toy Story were real, wouldn't toys become runaways once children got old enough to masturbate?
Is there an expiration date on fortune cookie predictions?
In all of the coverage of this, why did no one marvel at the fact that two eagles collided over and crashed at an AIRPORT? Why wasn't air traffic control questioned in connection with this incident?
if I was a toy I would run away if they did that
LOL Wrong being spelled wrong in the dictionary is such a corny joke, but it definitely gets you thinking!
I'm confused by what you mean we eat pizza and pie inside, out
I think stuff like that too!!!
@BeannachtOraibh alright thanks
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